The Failure Of Compromise

Ken AshfordEconomy & Jobs & DeficitLeave a Comment

Let me get this straight:

(1)  Obama puts forth a stimulus bill which, most economists agree, will help shore up the economic downfall.

(2)  House Republicans don't like the bill because it's so much money, so Obama waters down the bill (making it less "stimulating") to appease them.  Then, zero Republicans vote in favor of the water-down version.

(3)  The bill goes to the Senate where it is watered-down some more (making it less "stimulating") to appease Senate Republicans.  But even then, only three Republicans vote in favor of the double-watered down version.

(4)  The House and Senate work on a reconciliation bill between their two versions.  It gets watered-down again.  And it looks like the majority of Republicans still won't vote for it ("wasteful spending" yada yada yada), although it will probably pass because Democrats are in the majority.

So what do we end up with?  A stimulus bill which might not work (or certainly not as well).

Change I can't believe!