Obama Won The Night

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CBS News poll of approximately 500 people saw approval of the president rise from 62 percent before the speech to 69 percent afterward.

Meanwhile, a poll on CNN showed that 68 percent of respondents — who skewed a bit Democratic — viewed the speech positively, 24 somewhat positively, and only eight percent not positively. Eighty-two percent supported the president's economic plan as outlined in the speech, while 17 percent opposed it.

Those results were buttressed by the findings of longtime Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg. In his own dial poll, which included 50 participants of mixed gender, education and politics, Greenberg found a large swath of bipartisan support for Obama's addres. That included a 14 percent jump, from 62 to 76 percent, in the favorability rating for the president.

Saying at the onset that this was an "immensely successful speech," he highlighted a few issues on which Obama won over the audience.

* On taxes, "there was a 26-point gain," from 38 to 64 percent, "the biggest gains that he made." 

* On the deficit, "there was an 18 point swing… from 42 percent to 60 percent." 

* On Iraq, "there was a 18-point swing" (no numbers were offered)

"I've never seen this," Greenberg added. For a large part of the speech, all three, the Republican, Democratic and independent line where virtually in the same place."

What was striking, Greenberg concluded, was "how un-polarized the reaction was to this speech. I have not quite seen that."