Ex-President Bush Goes Back To School

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Pershing Elementary School in Preston Hollow, Texas:

The Bushes [George and Laura] were scheduled to visit three classes, but they ended up popping in on any room with an audience.

Ducking in one room, Bush asked, "Hey kids, do you know who I am?"

Gasps all around, and then someone blurted, "George Washington!"

O.K.  That didn't go well.  But a little later…

…..at an ESL [English as a Second Language] class, Bush tried introducing himself in Spanish. Only it was a little too West Texas for the Spanish speakers. He tried again. Blank looks. Even held up three fingers. You know, a 'W." Still nothing.

Finally, Pershing's innovative, energetic principal, Margie Hernandez, stepped in with a Spanish introduction.


The kids laughed at the confusion. The former president laughed. The principal laughed, out of relief, mostly.


Once he finished his tour, he addressed a school assembly, where he related his favorite question of the morning:

"Why did you come here?"


Still, the visit was a success… in that he didn't read from My Pet Goat, and America wasn't attacked.  So, you know, small blessings….