An Open Letter To The GOP

Ken AshfordRepublicansLeave a Comment

Stop it. 

Stop it now. 

It's uncomfortable to look at. 

Stop trying to be cool.  Stop trying to be "hip".  Stop with "the Twittering".  Don't try to convince us that the Republican Party is "off the hook".  Don't look at the RNC chairman (an African-American) and shout, "You be da man!".  Don't be sending some "slum love" to Republican governor Bobby Jindal, thinking that, because he is Indian, you have to make some reference to Slumdog Millionaire.

Just stop it all.

I get embarrassed for you.

It's like when my mother, circa 1980, went to a ZZ Top concert.  Or me, circa today, trying to do hip-hop.  It's just too psychologically jarring and it makes people uncomfortable.

What the hell are you thinking?  Did you see Obama win, largely because of the youth vote, and figure that the reason he won was because he was "fresh" or "fly", or even "da bomb"?

Consider this: maybe — just maybe — Obama won the election (including the youth vote) because of his policies, which he articulated with eloquence and sincerity.  Maybe it was his seriousness about the issues facing America that won over the electorate.  Did you think that just because he was black, he was edgy or tuned in to America's youth… so now you have to do the same?

And you think engaging in ebonics on Twitter is the way to do that?

Stop it.  You're being Poochie.