The Bush Legacy

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This is precisely why the blog "Jon Swift" deserves the 2008 Humor Weblog of the Year Award:

As I recently predicted, in few months, with the benefit of hindsight, historians will look back on the Bush presidency as an unalloyed success and consider President Bush to be one of our greatest presidents. Although the White House has sent around its own talking points highlighting the President's accomplishments, I don't think they go far enough. So I have put together my own list of talking points, which should convince anyone why George W. Bush belongs on Mount Rushmore, along with Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson and the other guy.

After Hurricane Katrina President Bush kept our cities safe.

In the three years and a half years since Hurricane Katrina not a single American city has been destroyed or partially destroyed. There are more than 10,000 cities in the United States and because of George Bush every single one of them, except for New Orleans, is still largely intact. Of course, no one could have predicted Hurricane Katrina, and if President Clinton had not left us so woefully unprepared, New Orleans would probably be in a lot better shape than it is now. But since Katrina, there have been numerous hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, blizzards, fires and earthquakes and none of them has gotten out of hand and wiped out an entire city because of the disaster preparedness policies President Bush put in place. For national security reasons we may not know until records are declassified how many other potential disasters, like epidemics or nuclear power plant meltdowns or alien invasions, were averted because of the work that government agencies did behind the scenes. Unfortunately, Presidents don't usually get credit for all the disasters that don't happen. But I think we should congratulate the President on doing a heckuva job on keeping America safe in the years since Katrina.

This, on the other hand, is not satire:

What have been George Bush's leadership strengths? That is a question that will perhaps best be answered with the perspective of history, considering that Lincoln, was at one time despised by half the country and questioned by many in the other half. There is also the dilemma of whether leaders must be fully successful to be judged good leaders (case in point: Robert E. Lee).

President Bush's overall greatest achievement was that America has not suffered another 9/11 tragedy.