Republican’s Plans To Become More Popular

Ken AshfordRepublicans1 Comment

They're going to get "hip":

"We have to do it in the Facebook, with the Twittering, the different technology that young people are using today," Duncan ventured.

"Let me just say that I have 4,000 friends on Facebook," contributed Blackwell, putting his hand on Dawson's and Anuzis's knees. "That's probably more than these two guys put together, but who's counting, you know?" Acknowledged Saltsman: "I'm not sure all of us combined Twitter as much as Saul."

Anuzis claimed he had "somewhere between 2- and 3,000" Facebook friends, which prompted Blackwell to remind the audience that he has 4,000 friends on the social networking.

And using "the Facebook" works how?

It's the Underpants Gnome business plan at work:

(1)  Use Twitter and Facebook
(2)  ?
(3)  Republican majorities in Congress and Republican presidents!!!

The problem with the GOP isn't their lack of youth outreach so much as they are devoid of a message to reach out to youth with.  At present, the GOP is all about following Rush Limbaugh, and debating whether "Barack The Magic Negro" is a racist parody song.  Oh, and obstructionism — i.e., blocking any Democratic initiative or plan simply because it's a Democratic initiative or plan.

And mostly, as the article suggests, the GOP is about embracing Reagan.  Now, you tell me.  Even using Facebook and Twitter, how are you going to get young people, who weren't around in the Reagan era, to get charged about a party that reveres him like a God?

I think the GOP has many many many days ahead in the wilderness.