Bush’s Farewell Address To The Nation

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You ever have a high school teacher who was intimidating, if only becuase you knew that he or she had some control over your grades, and therefore, your future?

Then, did you ever come across that high school teacher long after you had left high school, and he/she seemed a little pathetic because of their powerlessness and inconsequentiality?

That's what it felt like for me, listening to Bush last night.

I listened to him try to pat himself on the back.  Sad, almost.

Wanting credit for making the "tough decisions", George?  That's kind of like expecting to get passing grades for perfect attendance.  Showing up and being "the decider" really isn't going to put you in the history books.  It's the actual decisions you make, and how you make them, that matters.  Making decisions based on questionable evidence, and evidence you know to be questionable, is not praiseworthy.  It's flawed.

Similarly, he said this:

"Like all who have held this office before me, I have experienced setbacks. There are things I would do differently if given the chance. Yet I've always acted with the best interests of our country in mind. I have followed my conscience and done what I thought was right."

Well…..duh.  Of course you did what you thought was right.  Nobody suspected otherwise.  Even I, a harsh critic, never suspected that you intentionally woke each morning determined to do what you thought was wrong for the country.

But the point is, your policies were wrong for the country.  And it appears that you will never become so enlightened as to live with that.  Unfortunately, we all will.

Now please go, se we can start missing you.

P.S.  George Bush, making a "tough decision"….

UPDATE AGAIN:  Talk about setting your bar low.  Conservative blog Redstate, in a post entitled: "Will Left Accept That They Were Wrong About Bush?" actually says this:

We stand here watching Bush kindly say his goodbyes and we see George W. Bush stepping down like every American president before him (well, except the ones that died in office, of course). Even Darth Cheney is packing up for his last ride into the sunset.


So, will each of these half sentient, dillweeds fess up that they were wrong? Will they turn to their fellow dillweed, whack-jonse friends and say: “Ya know, I have to hand it to Bush. He was an alright guy for following the Constitution and going home to Texas like he’s supposed ta.”

Can we expect the braindead HuffyPosters, the drug addled DailyKossacks, or the human wreckage that are the denizens of DemmocraticUnderground.com to apologize for their wild-eyed, foolishness?

Will they? Huh, huh?

(Emphasis mine). 

Uh…… so we're supposed to give credit to Bush, and admit that we were "wrong" about him…. because he's leaving office when he's constitutionally mandated to?