An Historic Day

Ken AshfordHistory, Obama & Administration1 Comment

I'm talking, of course, about the 5th anniversary of this blog.

The first post was January 21, 2004, a passing reference to a State of the Union drinking game.  I had blogged for several years prior to that — at a group blog called "Freespeech" — but this was my first foray into something of my own.

So it's been five years — 6517 posts, 1148 comments, and over 533,000 visitors.  You would think I would have something profound or reflective to say, but no.  It's just a blog.

Speaking of historic days, I hear this Obama guy takes office in 45 minutes.  Again, I lack anything profound to say.  I am astounded by the TV shots of 2 million people on the mall.  I'm interested to hear his address, and find the "ask not what you can do for your country can do for you…" moment.

Here at work (for those who made it in — we had an inch of snow) there are TV monitors in every floor.  Our conference room has a projection screen.  And I will pop in.  But I'm not much for ceremony, finding myself more interested in Obama as President, than Obama becoming President.  I'm far more interested in our long national nightmare being over.