Vietnam Was “The Television War”; Meet “The YouTube War”

Ken AshfordMiddle East, YoutubeLeave a Comment

I don't have anything to say about the outbreak of fighting in Israel/Gaza, other than you can put me down in the "Israel's-responsive-was-disproportionate-and-therefore-counterproductive" camp, that the Bush Administration's silence on the issue is (once again) negligent, and the only way this will end (and not escalate) is some serious efforts at diplomacy — and soon.

Okay, I guess I do have something to say.

Anyway, I find it interesting that the Israeli Defense Forces have opened up an account on Youtube, so that viewers can watch same-day IDF footage of rockets hitting their targets in the Gaza strip.  Interesting propaganda — I'm not sure what purpose it serves ("We're badass"?)

YouTube has pulled some of them down — maybe it intends to do so with all of them.  Odd that it should find itself in this internationally awkward editorial position.