Transcripts And Audio Of 911 Calls

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Actually, they are "999" calls, because "999" is what they have in Britain for "911".

Courtesy of The Guardian.  Dramatic stuff.  All with the consent of the 999 callers.

Here's a short segment from with 999 operator talking a young woman through childbirth (the whole thing is about 10 minutes long):

Sarahbabe The Birth

Op Right, OK. Where are you now at the moment and how long is the person who’s coming with you going to be?

SL [Voice strained] Um, I’m not sure.

Op You’re not sure. Is the door open for them to come in?

SL No. Oh God …

Op The door’s not open. How far are you away from the door? Can you get to the door and back to the phone? Or take the phone with you?

SL I ca … at the moment … there’s something coming out.

Op Right, OK, get on the floor, OK?

SL Yes [cries out]. It’s the head. It’s out.

Op It’s the head, is it? OK, the head’s out.

SL Oh. Oh, it’s head. Oh. Head’s out.

After the delivery, the operator and the talk about possible baby names.  It's kind of sweet…. unlike the 999 call with the guy who just took his arm off with a chainsaw.