The Inciteful Mind Of Limbaugh

Ken AshfordRight Wing Punditry/Idiocy1 Comment

Rush Limbaugh, on why the U.S. auto industry is in trouble:

But you, you just illustrated the greatest single downfall of the domestic automobile industry, and nobody is talking about it…

Back in the days when I bought my first car and then my second car and my third car, and they were all General — they were Pontiacs, and a Buick. They all broke down in three years, had to get a new one. Then all of a sudden they got quality minded, started making cars that get 250,000 miles, you didn't need to trade it in after three years, and so they didn't have to be as innovative because people were keeping cars longer. If they would have kept making cars that fell apart after three years, none of this would have happened.

Thanks for the input, Rush.  Hope Detriot takes your advice and start making crappy cars again.