The Bush Legacy Project

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WSJ columnist Peggy Noonan is among the few and bold — those dedicated to creating a positive legacy for President Bush.

She certainly gives the yeoman's effort today in her WSJ op-ed, but her headline belies the difficulty she faces in coming up with something positive to say about the Bush legacy: "At Least Bush Kept Us Safe".

She talks about a Christmas party she recently attended:

Back to the Christmas gathering. There was no grousing about John McCain, and considerable grousing about the Bush administration, but it was almost always followed by one sentence, and this is more or less what it was: "But he kept us safe." In the seven years since 9/11, there were no further attacks on American soil.

Well, I guess that all depends on what you are talking about when you say "attacks", doesn't it?

Did two more planes fly into the WTC since 9/11?  Was there another plane crashing into the Pentagon since 9/11?  No.  So in that sense, he "kept us safe".

On the other hand, I think many wouldn't be so forthcoming with praise for Bush's efforts to keep us safe.  This former New Orleans resident, for example.

And while they may have their lives, I'm sure the 533,000 Americans who discovered the wonderful world of unemployment last month don't exactly feel "safe" when it comes to providing for their families or their future.

Not to mention the assualt on our civil liberties and privacy.

Not to mention the decline in our world standing.

But, I guess if you had as much egg nog as Peggy Noonan apparently had, you too might think Bush "kept us safe".  But I wouldn't drive afterwards.