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Swank Oh, how I love the columns of the Rev. Grant Swank

What will God do with Rick Warren's inaugural invocation?

Isn't that the real question?

Um, not really.  But if you need a premise for a column, I'll let you run with it.

What will God do with the prayer offered by pro-life Rick Warren, pastor?

You talking to me?  I'm not a pastor, but I appreciate the gesture….

Warren has been picked by B. Hussein Obama to deliver the inaugural invocation.

Grant Swank wants y'all to know Obama's middle name is Hussein.  In case you weren't aware yet.

Liberals are in a snit.

I would characterize it more as a tizzy…..

Who cares what liberals or conservatives think about a prayer offered to the eternal throne of the Almighty God?

Not me.

What should concern us as a nation is what will the Creator God think of the words presented him in January?

I am not sure that is a question?

Will the words matter?

Will the position of the heart of the pray-er matter?

Will heaven make any changes regarding this country because of that invocation?

Will a pro-life, pro-family, pro-marriage God decide to listen to the prayer, let alone act upon it?

And….[insert dramatic organ chord]… what about Naomi?

All this fuss about the mortal speaking the prayer at the podium.

Obama tried to get a deity to speak, but the fees were just too high.

Well, if it were a Muslim, we all should be quite concerned. Allah is not the deity of America's Judeo-Christian heritage.

Right.  Can't have that.

If it were an atheist offering a "prayer," we should likewise be most concerned.

Right.  Can't have that.

And if it were a Unitarian-Universalist, likewise. Most of them are atheists who belong to a Society that has stated it does not want to be included within Christendom, hence its official name not including the word "Church."

Right.  Um, whatever.

But with California minister Warren standing there in the freezing cold of Washington winter, what should concern the genuine believers of this continent is what the divine response will be.

…when Warren goes "brrrrrrrrr"?

Further, what will the divine response be to the left-of-left B. Hussein's reign from the White House? And what will be the Lord's action following a theologically liberal-stacked US Congress?

Send a hurricane to wipe out New Orleans maybe?

I have a feeling that no matter what Warren says or does not say, the Almighty is going to have His act together.

He's got new material, a better back-up band, and an adaptable set that will play well in arena theatres as well as smaller venues.

And only the genuine believers can wait with faith and patience to witness the unfolding of the divine reactions to much that has gone on in this nation lately.

And we'll have Pastor Swank to point them out as they come along.  "You see that tornado wiping out that Kansas town?  That was because of B. Hussein's decision to keep gays in the military."

God is not circumscribed by Warren or any other human being. Mortals write the minor lines. Deity writes the major lines. That's why history is finally His-story. Check the biblical record for the substantiation of that premise.

Couldn't find it, but my googling skills are perhaps sub-par.

Anyhow, the media is up to its usual frantic over Rick Warren this and Rick Warren that, B. Hussein's constituents' mad responses to a Warren talking to the Lord God in public, the homosexuals especially having a fit over the whole scene.

And linguists are now having a fit over your decription of the scene.

That said, I think the controversy is not about Warren (a mortal) talking to God, but about Obama's selection of a homophobe to speak at the inauguration.

Interesting, isn't it, how the liberal media can get so caught up in what is totally insignificant.

Right.  More Sarah Palin stories please!

Genuine believers know that mad media has no clue as to how to focus in on what is reality importance when it comes to God and Earth, Creator and America, our past and our future.

Right.  Like the lede article at World News Daily — Chuck Norris weighs in on "Jesus jacking".