Minnesota Senate Seat Still Ridiculously Close

Ken AshfordCongress, Election 2008Leave a Comment

Norm Coleman's lead over Al Franken melted away during the Board of Canvassers' deliberations on Coleman-challenged ballots yesterday. According to the Star Tribune, it is down to five votes. According to the AP, it is down to two.

UPDATE:  Now we're hearing that Franken is, for the first time, ahead.  The Minnesota Star-Ledger has a real-time running (re)count.  As of 11:38 a.m., Franken is up by 166 votes.

About this data Coleman Franken Other/rejected
Challenged ballots awarded by board 262 616 230
Current vote count including awarded ballots 1,209,197 1,209,363

UPDATE:  Oh, look, a real-time widget: