Looks Like “Pal Joey” Isn’t Going To Save Broadway Either

Ken AshfordTheatreLeave a Comment

And I had high hopes.  But when the New York Times review says something like this:

When Ms. [Stockard] Channing, as the alcoholic society matron Vera Simpson, sings the show’s most famous song, “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered,” it might as well be titled “Benumbed, Bummed Out and Bored Silly.”


I’m assuming the numbness in this “Pal Joey” is deliberate, that [Director Joe] Mantello wants to show down-and-outers who, at the end of their tether, are too tired to care or to try. But watching the cast go through its motions is like watching a “Marat/Sade” in which the asylum inmates have been pumped full of Thorazine.

Okay.  That's not good.