Some Mormons Get Cosmic Comeuppance For Supporting Prop 8

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Sonsprovo (Provo, UT) – It’s the sort of scandal the Mormon Church probably fears most.

At least four families settling in for the night to watch Sons of Provo got an eyeful when the film that popped up their screen was actually Adored: Diary of a Porn Star.

Artwork, liner notes and labeling said the film was Sons of Provo. Sons of Provo was written and directed by Will Swenson, who also stars as the lead singer of a Mormon pop band. Swenson and much of his cast are Latter Day Saints educators and the film was partially funded through donations to the Mormon church.

Adored However, the actual film on the DVDs was Adored: Diary of a Porn Star, a 2004 release for Wolfe Distribution which tells the story of gay porn star Riki Kandinsky (Marco Filiberti, who also wrote and directed the film) and his desperate attempts to reconnect with his family.

The goof was made at a Los Angeles based company both HaleStorm and Wolfe used to mass-produce the films.

But at least one Mormon has been boycotted effectively.  Americablog tells the story:

A friend tells me that there's a BIG musical theater in Sacramento, California called the California Music theater. It's been around for decades and, you might be shocked by this, but apparently there are gays who work in musical theater. Well, anyway, word get around in the past few days that the Artistic Director of the theater, one Scott Eckern, a nice Mormon boy, donated $1,000 to the hateful bigoted Yes on 8 campaign that repealed marriage for gay couples in California….

Now, here's the funny part. About two weeks ago, the hateful religious right and Mormon bigots running the Yes on 8 campaign threatened the livelihood of anyone who donated to the No on 8 campaign. Uh oh. I see a little goose and gander coming.

And what do you know. It seems our friend Scott has, um, angered the gays, to put it lightly. Marc Shaiman, composer of HAIRSPRAY, called Scott's theater, I'm told, and said he is pulling the rights from any of his shows, and is talking to other colleagues about doing the same. And a well known musical actress is now urging her friends to boycott working at the theater. Gosh, sounds like it's going to be hard for that theater to survive with Scott working there.

It's really too bad Scott's hateful bigoted friends in the religious right and in the Mormon Church outright threatened the livelihood of anyone donating to No on 8. That pretty much gives license to the other side – that would be the side protesting in the streets across California and Utah – to target the livelihood of anyone donating to Yes on 8.

Payback is a bitch. With very sharp heels.