See? This Is What I’m Talking About!

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Dentynearcticchillsugarlessgum_(medium) I've ranted on here before about how new "flavors" aren't actually flavors at all.  In the olden days — like, the 1990's — you had flavors like cherry, orange, grape, and even some nice combination flavors, like lemon-lime, apple-banana, etc.

You always knew what you were getting.

But now, it's just a crapshoot.  I buy Gatorade that is flavored "Bahama Blue" – I don't know what the hell it's going to taste like.

I had onions for lunch (not whole, they were in what I was eating), so I wanted something minty to take the onion breath away.

I bought Dentyne Ice sugarless gum.  The flavor?  Arctic Chill.

Folks, it tastes like Icy Hot, or some sort of mentholated ointment that you rub on your muscle cramps.

Why couldn't they have just told me that on the packaging?!?