Secret Service Code Names

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Trivia, but interesting:

  • President-elect Barack Obama: Renegade
  • Michelle Obama: Renaissance
  • Malia Obama: Radiance
  • Sasha Obama: Rosebud
  • Vice President-elect Joe Biden: Celtic
  • Jill Biden: Capri
  • President George W. Bush: Tumbler
  • First Lady Laura Bush: Tempo
  • Bill Clinton: Eagle
  • Hillary Clinton: Evergreen
  • Chelsea Clinton: Energy
  • George Bush: Timberwolf
  • Barbara Bush: Tranquility
  • Jimmy Carter: Deacon
  • Rosalynn Carter: Dancer
  • Amy Carter: Dynamo
  • Ronald Reagan: Rawhide
  • Nancy Reagan: Rainbow
  • Gerald Ford: Passkey
  • Betty Ford: Pinafore
  • Ricahard Nixon: Searchlight
  • Pat Nixon: Starlight
  • Lyndon Johnson: Volunteer
  • Lady Bird Johnson: Victoria
  • Lynda Bird Johnson: Velvet
  • Luci Baines Johnson: Venus
  • John F. Kennedy: Lancer
  • Jacqueline Kennedy: Lace
  • Caroline Kennedy: Lyric
  • John F. Kennedy Jr.: Lark
  • Dwight Eisenhower: Providence
  • Harry Truman: General
  • Ted Kennedy (during 1970 campaign): Sunburn
  • Kitty Dukakis: Panda
  • Scott McClellan: Matrix
  • Jed Bartlett: Eagle and Liberty
  • C.J. Cregg: Flamingo
  • Zoey Bartlett: Bookbag

I only knew the last three.

I wondered what good it does to have secret code names if they newspaper is going to publish them, but according to the Trib, they don't have any security purposes anymore. 

Now, it's just a way for the Secret Service to amuse themselves, apparently.