Renew America Roundup

Ken AshfordRight Wing Punditry/Idiocy1 Comment

Michael Bresciani in "The True Christian Approach To The Obama Presidency":

What's the best way for a true Christian to respond to Obama's election?  Why, suing him as an illegal immigrant — that's how!

Selwyn Duke in "Obama: Fear And Security Force":

These people who say Obama is going to be a dictator just like Hitler are silly and paranoid, aren't they?  But seriously, Obama is going to be a dictator just like Hitler.

Mary Mostert in "Prop. 8, homosexuals, attacks on LDS churches, freedom, and Gadianton Robbers":

The Mormons using then pulpit trying to discriminate against gays and Martin Luther King using the pulpit to end discrimination: what's the difference? 

Sher Zieve in "Rep. Paul Broun apologizes for telling the truth":

If Obama doesn't want to be called Marxist and Hitlerian, then he shouldn't go around being Marxist and Hitlerian.

Chris Adamo in "The grim significance of the 2008 elections":

Pffft.  Alan Keyes broke the racial glass ceiling before Obama did!

Michael Bates in "A Nation of Peter Pans":

Health care and education is for pussies.