Prop 8 To Be Reviewed By CA Supreme Court… And The Lord Weighs In

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No, really.  He did.  The Lord submitted a 40 page amicus brief (PDF) speaking through one of his servents, I guess.

My favorite section:

After a night full of dreams, before dawn on November 11, 2008, before I woke up in the morning, the Almighty Eternal Creator ordered me, saying "You explain to them the consequences that follow each and all of their actions. Once they understand, they will listen!"

These two matters (gay-lesbian and abortion) are just a couple of many major cases where people are exercising their free-will rights for wrong purposes. This has gone on for a hundred-thousand years and has contributed heavily to extreme weather, global warming, financial crisis, recession, global hatred, lying, violence, war and murder, serious sickness and diseases – often for the purpose of gaining rights for wrong purposes, power and money.

As the court might say, duly noted.

[NOTE:  The California Supreme Court is reviewing the constitutionality of Prop 8 for what are essentially procedural defects, or so is the claim.  Basically, amendments to the California Constitution can be put on the ballot if petitioners obtain the required number of signatures (this is how Prop 8 got on the ballot).  Revisions to articles and amendments already in the California Constitution can be put on the ballot only if two-thirds of the legislature approve.  The issue is whether or not Prop 8 constitutes an amendment or a revision.

Also, the California Supreme Court seemed to indicate that it would address the thorny issue about what to do with same-sex couple who already have been legally married under California law]