PNAC 2.0

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Think Progress:

It looks like Bill Kristol may be making good on his threat to revive the Project for the New American Century. Since May, visitors to PNAC's website were informed that "this account has been suspended," but now the website is back up, though it does not seem to have been updated with any new material.

PNAC's militaristic ultra-nationalism is implicated in some of the worst mischief of the Bush years, from the "global war on terror" to the invasion of Iraq to President Bush's support for Israel's refusal to negotiate with the Palestinians. Many of its members served as advisers to John McCain's presidential campaign. Bill Kristol is still listed as PNAC's chairman, and is known to be "exceptionally close" to the senator. McCain's top foreign policy aide, Randy Scheunemann, serves as PNAC's project director. McCain spokesperson Michael Goldfarb is also listed as a PNAC research associate.

Members of the original PNAC, or signatories to their Statement of Principles, included Dick Cheney, Paul Wolfowitz, Scooter Libby, John Bolten, and Donald Rumsfeld.

A PNAC publication written in September 2000 (PDF format), opined that if the United States was attacked in a "Pearl Harbor" kind of way, that could be used as a means to sway the public into supporting an invasion against Iraq.  One year later, that's exactly what happened, and that's exactly what we did.

So PNAC is back.  Because it worked so well the first time.