One Last Thing Before I Call It A Night…

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I'm checking in early tonight.  Like I wrote earlier, I'm going to be an Obama poll observer tomorrow, which means my day starts BEFORE the polls open (at 6:30 a.m.) and end after they close (at 7:30 p.m.).

But speaking of polls, one last thing… DO NOT LISTEN TO EXIT POLLS TOMORROW.

They are notoriously unreliable for many reasons.  

For one thing, people vote at different times.  Democrats, for example, tend to vote late.  So an exit poll coming out at, say 3:00 is going to underrepresent Democrats.

Also, in this election more than any other election EVER, early voting turnout is at record levels across the country.  Obviously, those people will not be polled for exit polls (seeing as how they exited days or even weeks ago).  If there is an enthusiasm gap for Obama, causing more Obama voters to vote early, then (once again) the exit polls will be skewed.

Nearly every pollster and statistician is saying the same thing.  Exit polls are virtually meaningless.

Ignore them.

Oh, and if you haven't voted, do it.

And so I'll leave with you with this "Les Miserables" inspired Election 2008 video:

Okay, one more "one more thing" — a nice video/song.  Very rarely has a spoken speech been so pleasantly incorporated into music…