Joe Scarborough Drops The F Bomb…

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…but, you know, no biggie.  Honest mistake.  He apologized; they moved on.  The world didn't come to an end….

Of course, they may be some petard-hoisting in the offing.  After all, on October 27, 2003, Scarborough expressed extreme anger that the FCC refused to impose fines on ABC when Bono used "the 'F' word" during a live broadcast of the Golden Globe Awards:

"The show was live, and unlike SCARBOROUGH COUNTRY, the "F" word was not bleeped out. Earlier this month, the FCC ruled that Bono's acceptance speech and his use of the word that began with an "F" was not a violation of indecency rules. . . .. Robert, it was at 8:00. Kids were watching this. You've studied television and pop culture. What does it say about our FCC that we've come this far or you could say gone this far backward that somebody could say the "F" word on TV and get the federal government's approval?"