Boycott Utah

Ken AshfordSex/Morality/Family Values8 Comments

I have nothing against Mormons per se, but since it was the Church of Latter-Day Saints that funded Prop 8 in California, which isn't even their state, I think this call for a boycott of Utah might be a good idea.

(And let's face it, folks.  I know they've recently stepped into the 20th century, but Mormons really aren't the ones to be advocating the idea that marriage should be defined as a union between one man and one woman).

So yeah.  Let's have the Sundance Film Festival be in, oh, Colorado this year.  Hell, I already thought it was.

It's fine if Mormons don't believe in gays having equal rights, but…. wait, that reminds me of one of my favorite scenes from Angels in America:

Harper: I'm a Mormon.

Prior: I'm a homosexual.

Harper: Oh. [pause] In my church we don't believe in homosexuals.

Prior: In my church we don't believe in Mormons.