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Blahblahfish takes some English, translates it to another language, and then back to English, so you can see what gets lost in translation.

Earlier today, I wrote a post entitled "Vatican Forgives Lennon".

Here's the same post, after a Blahblahfish translation from English to French to English:

The Vatican forgives Lennon

Nice, if not little one late. 

But in a paramount manner, I don't think what he said in import what which requires to forgive. 

When Lennon indicated that Beatles were larger than Jesus, Lennon wasn't, as the Vatican claimed this weekend, "boasting". It stated just a "fact" — perhaps justifiable then — but certainly a justifiable fact, with spirit, Beatles were more popular and "more" meant with the teenagers in American than Jesus. 

In my opinion, Lennon's assertion of it was true then. Why forgive someone which spoke a truth? 

P.S. Le white album is 40 years. "Revolution 9" hasn't developed on me, but the rest is always solid.

And English to Dutch to English:

Vatikaan forgive Len nun

Nice, if does not leave little. 

But what is still more important, I don't thinks he no matter what said that requires forgiving. 

Then Len nun said that Beatles were larger than Jesus, Len nun wasn't, as Vatikaan this weekend, "boasting". He explained only "fact" — perhaps questionable at the same time — but certain a portable fact was, to intelligence, Beatles populairder and "meant more" to teenagers in American then Jesus. 

In my opinion, Lennon's statement was true at the same time. Why does someone forgive who spoke a truth? 

P.S. The white album is 40 years old. "Revolution 9" hasn't which is grown on me, but the rest is still firm.

But the most f'ed up?  English to Icelandic to English:

Vatican Remit Lennon

Fine, maybe not a small late.

While further important, I don't think he some who need placable. 

When Lennon the Slá werewolf sizable while Man of Galilee Lennon alluvial with was avail, as though the Vatican demand this weekend, "conceit". He var righteous disturbance a "matter of fact" perhaps indefinite article into English tenable single river the while while certes a supportable matter of fact, to wit the Slá werewolf further popular and "meantime further" to teenager into American while Man of Galilee. 

INTO my view Lennon's thesis var true river the while. Why remit who var talk a truth?

P.S. White Album is 40 year warmed-over. "Revolution" hasn't river myself, while the rest hvíla á is yet sturdy.

Interesting how "The Beatles" somehow transforms into a slavic werewolf.

Amuse yourselves.