About All Those Emails From Barack Obama That You Received….

Ken AshfordObama & Administration1 Comment

Guess what?

You're not done getting them:

Obama aides and allies are preparing a major expansion of the White House communications operation, enabling them to reach out directly to the supporters they have collected over 21 months without having to go through the mainstream media.

They're going to be used to urge you to do certain things like "push reluctant members of Congress to support legislation, to offer feedback on initiatives and to enlist in administration-supported causes in local communities."

I guess that's okay.  I mean, Obama has said many times that he alone isn't the agent of change, and it's going to require efforts on the part of all of us.

But there's going to be a law-of-diminishing-returns thing with these emails.  I mean, if I get them 5 or 6 times a week, I'm probably just going to tune them out pretty quickly.  I suspect most people will.