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You know, it's not just the fact that my guy won.  I knew that would happen several weeks ago.

And, right now, it's not about the future of America that lifts me, although it should.
It's just that there are so few pivotal moments in American history that one can say "I was witness to that". 
I mean, for the first time, we have a black President.  
And even though I never really cared about race in this election, and I won't care about it once Obama's presidency starts, I find myself overwhelmed and a little bit emotional over at the hurdle that this young country has lept over.  
Two hundred years ago, a man like Obama was, by law, 3/5ths of a man; a man who could be bought and sold — legally — by other men.
Two hundred years from now, in the future, people will look back to 11:00 tonight as the precise moment, not when prejudice was erased from the hearts of man, but the moment when America finally and conclusively demonstrated, rather than merely promised, that it was a land of equal opportunity.
How magnificent to witness that moment.
Obama ran on a campaign of "change".  He's already brought it.
I can't wait to see what's next.