The Global Electoral College

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This is fun.

The Economist has an interactive map of the world, which provides data (based on a very unscientific reader online reader poll) of who people in other countries would prefer as U.S. President.

Sadly for McCain, the entire Western Hemisphere (that's North America and South America), save Cuba, is strongly pro-Obama.  So is all of Europe. 

But don't cry to hard for McCain.  He has some support in Macedonia and Moldovia and Georgia (the Russian satellite, not the southern state).  They love McCain in Iraq (although I suspect that is because people who are responding to the survey are actually soldiers stationed in Iraq).  But apart from Iraq, the rest of the Middle East, including Israel, hearts Obama.

China and India, and all of Asia is strongly pro-Obama (China favors Obama 83-17; India favors him 87-13)

McCain does best in Africa.  While most of the polled countries strongly favor Obama, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Algeria are leaning McCain.  And, for some reason, McCain kicks Obama' ass in the country of Namibia.

But the world is overwhelming pro-Obama.  As the chart points out, if there was a global electoral college, Obama beats McCain 8,969 to 228.  That's a landslide.

Oh.  This isn't really related, but here's George W. Bush (played by Will Farrell) endorsing McCain-Palin (Tina Fey, again) from last nights SNL special: