The ACORN “Scandal”

Ken AshfordElection 20083 Comments

Conservatives and Fox News are trumpetting this ACORN thing like it actually means something.  I think they are laying the groundwork for post-loss complaining that the election was stolen.

As I understand it, ACORN is a non-profit community organization which, among many many other things, attempts to get the poor and underprivileged to register and vote.  Their paid volunteers are themselves poor and underprivileged.  They're supposed to go out into their communities and get their fellow unwashed to register.

Inevitably, there is cheating, and some ACORN volunteers create false registrations.  ACORN management tries to catch these, but sometimes false registrations are not caught.  And when they are caught, it is ACORN who turns in the corrupt volunteers.

But here's the part I really don't get.  Let's say there are false registrations.  So what?  That's registration fraud, not voter fraud.  If I.P. Freely is registered to vote, it's only a problem (in terms of the outcome of the election), if "I.P. Freely" actually shows up to vote. 

And logistically, being able to conduct massive (the key word being "massive") voter fraud — enough to change the outcome for a state — simply isn't possible or practical.  Think about it.  One would have to recruit (and pay) thousands of volunteers to vote multiple times in order to guarantee a different outcome in an election of this magnitude.  If just ONE of them screws up, gets caught, or squeals, the whole conspiracy is exposed.  Who would be dumb enough (or even have the means) to engage in such an activity?

So this ACORN thing is just whistling Dixie.  It makes no sense.