Rebutting The Attack That Didn’t Happen

Ken AshfordElection 2008Leave a Comment

After Barack Obama’s speech today in Wisconsin, the McCain campaign sent out a press release, whining that:

As Americans teeter on the edge of economic crisis, Barack Obama continued attacking John McCain today…

And here is the "attack" by Obama:

Let me lay this out, because I want everybody to know the differences between myself and Senator McCain in this campaign.

Yes, that was it. The only time McCain was mentioned in the entire speech. The Obama campaign’s response?

Given the fact that Barack Obama did not attack John McCain today, it is a telling admission that the McCain campaign saw Barack Obama’s attack on eight years of greed and irresponsibility in Washington as a personal attack on John McCain. We’ll leave it up to the McCain campaign to explain why they get so offended and defensive when George Bush’s record is attacked.