McCain’s Connections To Convicted “Terrorists”

Ken AshfordElection 2008Leave a Comment

What if I told you that McCain has had a "questionable association" with someone who:

  • is a convicted felon for, among other things, trying to subvert the rule of law
  • plotted to kill a journalist
  • plotted to kill a former CIA agent who was assisting the federal government in an investigation
  • plotted to bomb the Brookings Institute
  • has given advice on how to kill public officials (specifically, shooting them in the head because they might be wearing flak jackets)
  • has contributed thousands of dollars to the McCain campaign
  • has hosted a fundraise for McCain in his home

Last night on David Letterman, McCain said that he was "not in any… embarrassed to know" this man.

You would think that would cause some concern….