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For those following the news today, you know that McCain announced he was suspending his campaign to deal with the economic crisis.  And — oh, yeah — he wants to postpone Friday’s debate with Obama.

The polls today show Obama "breaking the tie" and pulling ahead nationally by 4 points.  He’s also doing well in important swing states.

McCain now trying to postpone the debate is kind of like faking an injury when your team is down in the fourth quarter.

Josh Marshall has it right:

"Bringing the presidential candidates and their press entourages back to Capitol Hill won’t speed or improve the process of coming up with a good bailout deal. It will politicize it. That’s so transparently obvious that it barely requires stating. And of course that is the point."

And of McCain’s announcement, Rep. Barney Frank told a group of reporters outside the House chamber:

The public seems to agree.  A flash poll asked this question:

The first debate between John McCain and Barack Obama is scheduled to take place in two days. Should the debate be held as scheduled? Should the debate be held, but the format changed to focus on the economy? Or, should the debate be postponed?

Held as Scheduled: 50 percent
Held with Focus on Economy: 36 percent
Postponed: 10 percent

Is the right response to the turmoil on Wall Street to suspend the campaigns for president? To continue the campaigns as though there is no crisis? Or, to re-focus the campaigns with a unique emphasis on the turmoil on Wall Street?

Suspend 14 
Continue 31 
Refocus the campaign 48

If Friday’s presidential debate does not take place, would that be good for America? Bad for America? Or would it make no difference?

Good for America 14 
Bad for America 46 
No difference 35

Barney Frank says: "It’s the longest Hail Mary pass in the history of either football or Marys."

Looks like McCain’s attempt to look like a leader didn’t work.

But in suspending his campaign, McCain also cancelled his appearance on the David Letterman show, which taped this afternoon.  He called the Letterman people and said he was suspending his campaign and going back to Washington.

But during the course of the taping, Letterman learned that McCain was actually giving an interview with Katie Couric just down the street.  Dave even cut in to the live interview, according to Drudge, and said, "Hey Senator, can I give you a ride home?" 

Or… just watch the YouTube: