Palin Preparing More Material For Tina Fey

Ken AshfordElection 2008Leave a Comment

Stumped by a slow ball question (what specific newspapers and magazines does she read…), Sarah Palin bluffs and gets defensive about Alaska not being a foreign country (which is beside the point…):

UPDATE:  The rightwing brainiacs at The Corner have figured it out:

The e-mails are coming in. Obviously the governor of Alaska reads. And what it looked liked to me is the governor of Alaska decided she wasn’t going to play along with Couric. Whatever she answered would be scrutinized for the next 24 hours for what she included and left off. So instead she let Katie badger her a little.

And now the ticket is in yet a better position to run against the media.

Who knew a McCain ticket would ever be in a position to do such a thing?

Indeed.  Who knew that Palin would pull the old "I-won’t-tell-you-what-I-read-or-even-give-one-example" ploy.  Confound it!

And the media!  Well, they just fell into her trap!  She’s a genius, I tell ya!

She answers "all of them".  Funny how not one of those many, many newspapers ever mentioned the Bush Doctrine.