Gas Shortages In NC?

Ken AshfordEnergy and ConservationLeave a Comment

Last week, I went to fill up my gas tank.  The station I pulled into had plastic bags over the "regular" pumps and over the "mid-quality" pumps.  I was stuck buying the "premium" gas.  It was $3.99 per gallon, which was what regular was at in July and August, so I wasn’t that upset.

But around the office, I have heard similar stories — people unable to get gas.

Why is there nothing in the local news about this?  I’ve read there were outages in Nashville and other parts of Tennessee.  Even as far east as Asheville, NC and Western NC.  But not around here.

What’s going on?

UPDATE:  Hmmmm…. apparently there are spotty supply problems throughout the South.  I wish the media would get on this more….

UPDATE:  I found this

The executive director of North Carolina’s petroleum association says consumers should not worry. By the end of the month things should be back on track.

Well, okay.  I’m running low, so I guess I’ll start my hunt on the way home from work….