Yeah, So I Collapsed At Work…

Ken AshfordPersonal7 Comments

…and was taken by ambulance to the emergency room, where I hung out for nine hours all told, and then was finally sent home me with the news that I had a ruptured colon.  [CLARIFICATION:  Ok, not that I had a ruptured colon…. more like an infected colon which could rupture if it hasn’t already, so I have to take anti biotics and anti-inflammatories…..]

Which means I probably won’t be much help in the team and individual qualifying events.

**** UPDATE — 8/14/08  9:15pm —

Still recuperating.  I have written in my mind an absolutely hysterical blog "pamphlet" entitled "SO YOU WANT TO HAVE DIVERTICULITIS", based on my experiences.  Sadly, it’s probably too nasty, and I lack the energy anyway.

Bottom line — light blogging for the next few days.  I woould love to share my feelings about many things (i.e., the Edwards affair — disappointing), but que sera sera.