Thoughts About Biden As VP

Ken AshfordElection 2008Leave a Comment

*  Lots of foreign policy experience.  This is good except that Obama has made hay of the argument that "experience" necessarily means one is right.  After all, Biden voted in favor of the Iraq invasion; Obama didn’t.  Obama was right; Biden wasn’t.  So bringing Biden on board for his "experience" seems to make Obamma’s lack of experience seem more like an admitted shortcoming than it probably is.

*  Biden brings no state.  Delaware?

*  Good attack dog.  It may be what the Obama campaign needs.  Let Obama be presidential and above-the-fray; let Biden in get in the mud.  As this race gets uglier, that might be a good combination.

*  Good debater.  One of the best.

*  Bit of a media whore.  Often puts foot in mouth.

BOTTOM LINE:  I can’t get revved up too much about Biden, but there are worse choices.  I still would prefer Kathleen Sebaleus.