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Cheryl managed to smuggle in my laptop and I’ve hacked in to the Wake Forest Baptist Hospital computer, so I can inform the outside world of what’s going on.

Actually, Cheryl carried in my laptop and that have free Internet access….

What’s going on is…. hell if I know.

I went to my GP on Friday.  It was my second visit to him since the whole ER experience from the previous week, in which it was learned that I had an infected colon from diverticulitis.  The doctors had sent me home with some strong oral antibiotics.

After the results of some blood tests, it was clear to my GP that the antibiotics were not helping.  In fact, the raised white blood cell count indicated that, if anything, the infection in my colon was getting worse.  So he said to go back to the emergency room.

So, another Friday night, another visit to the LOVELY Wake Forest Baptist Hospital ER.  Xrays, CT Scans.

I was admitted to the hospital this time.  The two issues are these:

(1)  The infection, which was apparently so massive as to block all digestive "movement" and

(2)  The damage to the colon itself.

Now, as for #2, there’s not much to say because damage cannot be assessed until the infection is down.  It LOOKS like, from all indications, they will have to remove a section of my colon (making it a semicolon).   That operation will happen in a few weeks, all other things pending.  (The alternative to that is a collostemy bag, which is NOT cool).

So the focus here is on #1, which consists of me taking some IV antibiotics.  Plus, to clear out pressure from behind the infection/obstruction, they inserted a tube through my nose, down my throat and into my stomach to pump out bile or whatever.  This hellish thing has been running through my nose and into my stomach for about 40 hours now, and I hate it.

To speed up the process, it looked like they were going to insert a needle, but that might be on hold.

In any event, it’s getting better through the slow process of IV antibiotics.

But I could be here many more days.  Just lying here.

Probably wont do much blogging since im not paying attention to things and this isnt particualrly interesting