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Judy Pike, a dear old friend from from Tufts, turns — and I’m estimating here, based on the fact that she was a senior when I was a freshman — 49 years old today. Suzanne Evon, an ex-girlfriend and even more endearing current friend, turns 50 this coming weekend. What happened?  When did we get old? I mean, I can … Read More

The New McCain Ad Against Obama Is Staggeringly Dishonest On So Many Levels

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McCain’s new TV ad, "Pump", blames Obama for rising gas prices. On its face, it is silly.  Obama has been a one-term senator.  How can one man be responsible for rising gas prices? Here are some very worthwhile critisicms of the ad: Daily Kos‘ BarbinMD:   "John McCain has often said that he would run a respectful campaign, but he never … Read More

We Feel Fine

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This has to be one of the most interesting uses of the Internet I’ve seen in a long while!! Maybe I’m attracted to it because of my social psychology background.  As well as my attraction to new art forms. The website is called "We Feel Fine" and its a psychometric graphical representation of how we, as a human race, feel … Read More

A Place In Heaven, Guaranteed, Or Your Money Back

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Dammit.  WHY didn’t I think of this? A good business idea.  These guys have been making a lot of money since their website has been featured in the news (Washington Post, etc) What is it?  Reserve A Spot In Heaven What do you get? This basic travel package includes everything needed to transport one individual to Heaven. No more worrying … Read More

McCain Intent On Reminding Voters That He Is Doddering

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The Bad McCain Week express rolls on: Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz) said “Iraq” when he apparently meant “Afghanistan” on Monday, adding to a string of mixed-up word choices that is giving ammunition to the opposition. McCain was talking about how we will face a "hard struggle, particularly given the situation on the Iraq/Pakistan border."  (Video here). Yyyyyeah. One prob:  Iraq … Read More

You’re 40, and Nobody Likes You

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But happy birthday anyway, cubicle: The cubicle celebrates its 40th birthday this month. A party is unlikely. What’s to celebrate? The cubicle office system is one of the most derided realities of modern work life. Somehow, the spaces that white-collar worker bees unlovingly refer to as “cubes” have become an icon for all that is confining, uninspiring, soulless and humdrum … Read More

“The Mediator Of The Head And The Heart”

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If you consider yourself a science fiction movie fan, and have never heard of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, then you are no science fiction movie fan. Metropolis is widely-considered the first serious science fiction film (the Georges Méliès’ 1902 short A Trip to the Moon cannot be considered high science fiction), and most science fiction classics, from Blade Runner to Star … Read More

That’s Got To Leave A Mark (GOP Response: “We’re Fucked”)

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The Prime Minister of Iraq has endorsed U.S. plans for an withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. Well, not Bush’s plan. And not McCain’s plan (McCain doesn’t really have one). Nope, the Bush-backed Iraqi PM supports Senator Obama’s plan: BERLIN (Reuters) – Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki told a German magazine he supported prospective U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s … Read More

Starbucks Closings

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The full list of 600 closings has been announced. CNNMoney has a nice state-searchableGoogle map of the affected stores.  Only one in the Triad — in the shopping plaza at the corner of Country Club Rd. and Peace Haven Road.


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News today: Climate change will pose "substantial" threats to human health in the coming decades, the Environmental Protection Agency said yesterday — issuing its warnings about heat waves, hurricanes and pathogens just days after the agency declined to regulate the pollutants blamed for warming. That’s reassuring, coming from the federal government.  Unfortunately, the EPA was saying something else only last … Read More

Someone Has To Call Out McCain On This

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What McCain said yesterday: "Senator Obama wants to raise taxes; I want to keep them low. [If you’re] somebody who wants higher taxes, I’m not your candidate. Senator Obama is." What McCain should have said if he wanted to be 100% accurate and the "straight talker" that he supposedly is: "If you’re somebody making less that $237,040 and wants lower … Read More