Obama Hanging In In North Carolina

Ken AshfordElection 2008, Local Interest1 Comment

Candidate July 23-27 June 26-29 Pollster
McCain 47 45 46
Obama 44 41 44
Barr 3 5


So Obama is still behind by a few points, but within the margin of error (832 LVs, July 23-27, MOE +/- 3.4%)

From Public Policy Polling’s analysis:

Obama leads 53-38 among respondents most concerned with the economy, and 58-32 with those whose top issue is the war.

"The bigger an issue the economy is for voters the better Barack Obama is going to do," said Dean Debnam, President of Public Policy Polling. "If North Carolina voters choose on immigration or moral and family values, John McCain is going to win a big victory here. But if voters increasingly put the economy foremost when deciding who to vote for, Democrats are going to have the best shot they’ve had in quite a long time."

Obama leads 82-8 among black voters, but trails 57-34 with whites.

For what it’s worth, the PPP poll presumes a 20% turnout of NC African-Americans, which is, to my thinking, probably low.  26% turned out in the 2004 elections, and I suspect that number will be higher this year, given that there is a black candidate.