Dear Abby Hijacked: Volume Four

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From her July 16 column

DEAR ABBY: My 17-year-old niece, "Nicki," was recently diagnosed with an STD. When her mother, my sister-in-law "Cynthia," found out she was horrified. She had ignored several family members — including me — who had tried to warn her that Nicki was sexually active and not taking proper precautions.

Now Nicki’s 14-year-old sister, "Danni," has come to me because she was afraid she was pregnant. I took her to get a pregnancy test done. Thank God, it was negative.

I think Danni should be tested for STDs, and both she and Nicki should be on birth control.

I can’t get this through to my sister-in-law. Cynthia thinks I "don’t understand" because I have sons, and "all I have to do is give them condoms."

Yes, but I have also talked to them about sex, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy and prevention, as well as the importance of acting responsibly.

I just want my nieces to be safe. Cynthia is living in a state of denial. How can I protect my nieces? — CONCERNED AUNT IN NEW YORK

Dear Concerned Aunt:  This is nothing to screw around with (no pun intended).  Talk directly to the two kids yourself.  If they have come to you (as Danni has), it sounds like your responsibility is to, at the very least, point them to some literature and educate them.  Make THEM see how important safe sex is.  And offer to buy them protection.

Signed, Dear Abby Hijacked

DEAR ABBY: Is it rude or inconsiderate for a person to knit, crochet or piece a quilt while attending a meeting or other gathering? — CURIOUS IN THE SUNBELT

Dear Curious:  It certainly *can* be.  It depends on the nature of the gathering.  If, for example, the knitter was the subject of an intervention, she should probably put the knitting down and, you know, listen.  It’s also probably not cool in an office setting (i.e., meeting with clients).

But large school board meetings, or church, or something like that?  That’s probably okay.  As long as the person can multi-task (some people can, some people can’t, and some people *say* they can but actually can’t).

Signed, Dear Abby Hijacked