Convention Fight

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Two months ago, Democrats were wringing their hands about the possibility of a party-rending convention battle between the Hillary minions and the Barack minions, with the superdelegates caought in the middle.

Remeber that?  Ahhhhh, good times.

But according to today’s Washington Post, the convention battle might be on the GOP side:

Conservative activists are preparing to do battle with allies of Sen. John McCain in advance of September’s Republican National Convention, hoping to prevent his views on global warming, immigration, stem cell research and campaign finance from becoming enshrined in the party’s official declaration of principles.

McCain has not yet signaled the changes he plans to make in the GOP platform, but many conservatives say they fear wholesale revisions could emerge as candidate McCain seeks to put his stamp on a document that currently reflects the policies and principles of President Bush.

"There is just no way that you can avoid anticipating what is going to come. Everyone is aware that McCain is different on these issues," said Jessica Echard, executive director of the conservative Eagle Forum. "We’re all kind of waiting with anticipation because we just don’t know how he’s going to thread this needle."

Part of the problem?  The party’s 100 page platform…

…all but nine pages mention Bush’s name. Virtually the entire platform will have to be rewritten to lessen the imprint of the president, who has the highest disapproval rating of any White House occupant since Richard M. Nixon.

It is the prospect of a total rewrite that worries some.

Heh.  Kind of embarrassing that the party in power can’t ride on the coattails of their leader.

Another concern?  Ron Paul will be in town during the GOP convention, holding a mini counter-convention next door.

And what of the Democratic convention?  Obama will deliver a solid unifying speech to a crowd of 75,000 at Mile High Stadium on the 40th anniversary of Dr. King’s "I Have A Dream" speech.

Gotta like the tone of this election.

Meanwhile, Pollster (a conglomerate of all polls) shows Obama widening his national lead over McCain.


And here’s how it looks electorally…. Obama 320   McCain 218 


Strong Dem (194) = Strong blue
Weak Dem (45) = Light blue
Barely Dem (81) = Outline blue
Exactly tied (0) = White
Barely GOP (23) = Outline red
Weak GOP (115) = Light red
Strong GOP (80) = Strong red
270 Electoral votes needed to win