An Uneducated President Is Not A “Plus”

Ken AshfordElection 2008Leave a Comment

I touched on this yesterday, but it seems to me that the GOP strategy of touting one’s educational ineptitude is really not a good selling point.  It’s kind of like pandering to stupid people:

"Hey, I’m a moron, just like you.  And if I can get in the White House, so can you.  Because I’m a regular Joe, a non-Ivy league school attending beer-drinking bowling lout, just like you.  So a vote for me is a vote for you!"

I think it paid off well for George Bush 43, which is why they’re going back to that playbook.

But of course, we’ve seen the results of George Bush 43, the most unpopular presnit evah!

Anyway, McCain has been playing the "humble idiot" card heavily.

Now, obviously, being able to access your email isn’t an important prerequisite to being Leader of the Free World.  You probably won’t need to do that.  You probably won’t have time to do that.  And you’ll probably be surrounded by tons of staffers who will do that for you anyway.

But that’s not my point.  My point is the being boastful of the fact that you don’t know how to do that.

I hope that people will see that McCain is, in this sense, a worth successor to Bush… a man out of touch with contemporary things…. and that’s a BAD thing!

UPDATE:  Jill at Brilliant at Breakfast:

Because we all know just how important it is to be a "regular guy", right? After all, look around us at the country the regular guy that people wanted to have a beer with is leaving us. But if that’s still the standard of qualification for the presidency, than I say we just cut to the chase and elect this guy: