How NOT To Deal With High Gas Prices

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In Danville, California:

A Danville woman faces arson charges after she allegedly set fires at two gas stations and a coffee house, saying she was protesting high gas prices.

The woman, 64, remained Thursday in a Contra Costa jail on $810,000 bail on suspicion of premeditated arson and burglary.

Police say the woman used a fireplace log and a lighter to set fires in the restrooms of an Arco station, a Chevron station and a Starbucks on Wednesday. No structural damage was reported at the locations.

Police later found the woman at a nearby fast food restaurant with eight fireplace logs with her. She told officers that she was behind the fires and said she woke up that morning wanting to do something about high gas prices.

Ok, honey?  Let me explain something.  Blowing up gas stations won’t bring down gas prices.  If anything, it will raise them (negligably, according to the laws of supply and demand).

But here’s my favorite line of the story….

Police say they don’t know why she targeted the Starbucks.

Same reason, I suspect.  Have you seen the price of a grande mocha frappachino?!?