Not Done Yet

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Something west of us in Yadkin County brewing. Guess we’re not out of the woods yet. Power is out lots of places. I-40 eastbound closed. I have power. (Yes, I’m blogging from my cell in bed)

Live local news stream available by clicking here

UPDATE (12:54 a.m.):  The tornado warning has been extended to 4 a.m., but it is pretty clear that if anything comes this way (meaning Forsyth County), it’ll be over by 2 a.m.

13,640 people without power in Forsyth — not me though.

No reports of injuries, but there are many places where damage is still being assessed.

Looks like the Yadkin tornado is heading to Pinnacle, north of me.

UPDATE (1:00 a.m.):  Yeah, it’s over here.  Heading to Virginia….