Gas Tax Holiday Argument Not Being Bought By Public

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Well, well, well.  Who knew?  McCain and Clinton thought they could pander and buy votes by proposing a gas tax holiday over the summer months.  Doesn’t look like the winning side, as people kind of understand that it is a quick fix to a larger problem, that doesn’t put much many in people’s pockets anyway.  [UPDATE:  No economist agrees with Hillary, but she pooh-poohs them a la George Bush.  Ex-Labor Sec. Robert Reich comments:

"In case you’ve missed it, we now have a president who doesn’t care what most economists think. George W. Bush doesn’t even care what scientists think. He rejects all experts who disagree with his politics. This has led to some extraordinarily stupid policies. I’m not saying HRC is George Bush. And I’m not suggesting economists have all the answers. But when economists tell a president or a presidential candidate that his or her idea is dumb — and when all respectable economists around America agree that it’s a dumb idea — it’s probably wise for the president or presidential candidate to listen. When the president or candidate doesn’t, and proudly defends the policy by saying she’s ‘not going to put my lot in with economists,’ we’ve got a problem, folks."

Anyway, back to the topic at hand…..]


NYT polls the gas tax issue. How remarkable. It’s almost as if the press’ unusual decision to make some effort to cover the issue in a substantive way led to a better-informed electorate.