Grant Swank Goes Off The Deep End

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Over at Renew America, Grant Swank shows what he’s all about in what of his best screeds ever:

Muslim Michelle Obama lies for hubby

Right away, we’re off to a rousing start, Michelle Obama not being a Muslim and all.  But let’s stick our toe in.

In a Midwest rally, Michelle Obama says her husband works for America by climbing on "the shoulders of regular people."

Oh really?

No, not really.  Google this and see if you can find where she said it.  Apparently, the only place she said that her husband climbs on the shoulders of regular people (which, you know, doesn’t make any sense) is in Grant Swank’s column.

Listen up: one of those "regular people" categories B. Hussein Obama does NOT carry on his shoulders includes little boys and girls in women’s wombs.

He would have them stabbed in the neck upon birth — post-birth abortion. Yes, stabbed in the neck till dead.

Post-birth abortion?  Isn’t that, uh, murder?

B. H. O. said it was "horrific" that the Supreme Court banned post-birth abortion. Hillary Clinton joined him in slamming the Supremes. These two are filled with the "spirit of antiChrist" per the New Testament definition.

The Supreme Court banned post-birth abortion?   When?  Where?  And when did "B.H.O." and Hillary condmen the Supreme Court?

So while Michelle tries to make hubby buddy to "regular people," she conveniently dismisses the regular of regular people — innocent children in female bodies.

Michelle lies. Her hubby lies. Muslims lie to advance Allah’s Koran killing passages.

So says the Reverand Grant Swank, who doesn’t lie.  Way to represent Christianity, dude.

Further, Michelle in addressing her Sunday audience said that B. H. O. said his opponents spread fear of her spouse because of his youth and name.

His opponents spread fear? I don’t think so. They don’t need to.

Right, they don’t need to.  Just look at his middle name Hussein.  You don’t need someone to point it out to you.  It’s Hussein, for crying out loud.  You know what that means, right?  Just look at it.  LOOK AT IT!!!

What Michelle does not realize is that intelligent people can handle B. H. O.’s age and his name. What they cannot tolerate are his alliances to Islam and blackism, his left-of-left voting record in Congress and his anti-Christianity by declaring in his book, "Audacity," that Judeo-Christian heritage will be doused in favor of all religions blocked into one.

Except, no.  And the book is "The Audacity of Hope".  Not that Obama’s oppoonents are spreading fear….

Michelle says to her listeners that her hubby is "in the race for the White House. . .for change in everything."

Everything? Yes, Michelle underlined the word "everything."

Grant apparently saw the written text.

Well, on that she spoke truth.

B. H. O. would change our entire nation, and I mean our entire nation, in favor of Muslim aggressors and theological and political liberalism such as pro-homosexual activity. He wants human stem cell research and every sort of abortion possible.

He wants to eat babies for lunch, too.

What, it’s true!

Further, he will see to it that whites are put down and blacks are lifted up per Jeremiah Wright’s brainwashing for two decades. Though B. H. O. says not, he lies. He’s been brainwashed and now speaks out of the other side of his non-head. It’s typical political hypocrisy.

I see.  He doesn’t say he wants to do those things, but he really does want to do those things.

"The America people are ready to move forward," she proclaimed. With that, Michelle continued her rally speech with a litany of worn cliches. Cliches. And more cliches.

That is typical of course of B. H. O., too. "Change." "Unite."

Obamamaniacs are caught up in empty rhetoric. They love it. They cry over it. They cling onto every ragged word. That’s what is so utterly frightening to intelligent Americans.

Those who are dumb but mass hysteria excitable by cliché cheerleaders may vote The Boy on to PA Ave. That’s the crisis now facing this Republic.

Oh, Grant, Grant….