Congrats To The New Jumbo!

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At my undergrad alma mater, Tufts University, there sits a cannon on the hilltop by the chapel, a gift from the City of Medford to Tufts University in 1956.

In 1977, some joker painted the cannon with a political slogan, and a Tufts tradition was started.  Since them, the cannon has been painted and repainted countless times for birthdays, to announce events, etc.  I myself painted the cannon a couple of times.

This being the digital age, you can now paint the cannon online, which is just what my sister did to announce some exciting family news….


My nephew, Zachary Dumont is following the footsteps of his mother (my sister), his father, and his uncle (me).  He was admitted to, and apparently is accepting, enrollment in Tufts University.

Congrats, Zach!