The Fashion of Faux Pas

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I have little to say about the whole Spitzer-prostitute scandal.  Seems he got caught with his pants down, seems he’s going to resign.  I have little interest for the details, or the theory that he was "targeted" by Republicans in the FBI, or other such nonsense.

However, what I don’t get are these women — in Spitzer’s case, in Vitter’s case, in New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey’s case — who come out and stand behind their husband when these things happen.  Ladies, have some dignity.  Beat his ass.

And what I really really really don’t get is the uniform they all seem to wear when they do.  Blue business suit and pearls on the women.  Red striped tie for the guys.  Does that mean something now?

Below:  James McGreevey apologizes for his gay sex scandal, wife at his side


Below:  Eliot Spitzer apologizes for his prostitution sex scandal, wife at his side



TAPPED‘s Dana Goldstein complains:

"When politicians are caught cheating, I wish they’d leave their wives in the green room while they address the press. You’re in the dog house, and it should look that way. Those ‘stand by your man’ visuals are tired and demeaning."

The New Republic‘s Michelle Cottle agrees:

"How many men do you think would really do the same for their wives? Consider it: You wake up one morning to discover that the papers are awash in juicy details (and even juicier innuendo) about how you are such a loser that your woman went out looking to pay some young stud to scratch her itch. You are utterly humiliated. You want nothing more than to phone the meanest divorce lawyer in the state. Instead, you get to shower, shave, put on your special-occasion tie, and try your best to look aggrieved yet supportive while standing two-steps behind your lying, cheating tramp of a wife — possibly even holding her hand — in front of God and 10,000 drooling reporters all thinking that you must be the most pitiful creature on the planet. Riiiight. That’s gonna happen a lot."