Obama’s Week From Hell

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Well, Clinton can’t complain anymore about media bias.  It seems they have swallowed, and are parroting, her narrative — hook, line and sinker.

Everybody is saying how the Obama campaign went off track, how he’s losing, etc.

But Kos explains:

Let’s see just how horrible the week was:

Per Obama’s count (if Clinton had a similar count, I’ll happily link to it), Obama started last week with 1,203 delegates, Clinton with 1,043. Since then:

     Obama  Clinton
     66     75
RI      8     13
VT      9      6
TX     99     94
WY      7      5

Total 189    193

So that’s a four-delegate gain for Clinton.

But that wasn’t all. Obama also picked up three more super delegates last Tuesday — Texas Democratic Party Vice Chair Roy Laverne Brooks, DNC member Mary Long of Georgia and South Carolina Democratic Party Chair Carol Fowler.

So, in terms of delegate count, Obama won 3 of the past 5 states — all that following an 11-state streak of wins.

The media wants to make this a tighter horserace than it actually is.  And to be sure, it is tight.  But some of the calls saying that Obama is over — ridiculous.