If You’re At All Interested in “Kristin”…

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…the high-priced call girl with whom soon-to-be-former governor Spitzer had repeated liasons and "business" transactions, then this New York Times article is for you.

Or you can check out her Myspace page (her real name is Ashley Alexandra Dupre) although for all I know it won’t be viewable by the time you read this.

Or you can just ogle this picture and muse as to whether she’s worth $3,000 an hour:


Here’s a snap of her Myspace (click to enlarge):


Consider youself titillated for the day…..

UPDATE:  Her last blog entry, via Radar Online:

Thursday, August 30, 2007

positive energy will attract positive energy: Law of Attraction
Current mood: determined

Hello Everyone!! how are you?? This Blog i am going to just talk about my feelings on relationships…from a boyfriend/girlfriend, to closest friends, to family and business relationships…they are all the same to me…

The past few months have been a roller coaster with so called friends, lovers, and family…but its something you have to deal with and confront in order to move on…

I stepped away from each situation that happened and asked myself…

1) What is this person doing to make my life better? (financial, intel, drive, networking etc.)

2) How does this person make me feel? (happy, sad, motivated, depressed, constantly doubting, drama, etc.)

3) How is this person a positive influence in my life? (do they share the same interests, same dreams, does that person make me better when i am with them, or when they are in my life…i would be the same person if they werent in my life, but its just better with them in it…is my best interest always number one in their head ADoes that person drive you to be better?

*Is that person right there behind you when things arent that good, or even if they are??

*Will that person be an asset to your life…(will that person have value): doesn’t have to be financial, i am talking respect, courage, and umm RESPECT.

If you are in a relationship, and it is "doing absolutly nothing" for you, makes you feel bad about yourself or situations, just causing unessesary drama, and ruining things that you may actually care about…why would you want that in your life?? you need to surround yourself with the people that make you feel good, and that will help you get to that next step in your life. that is what a relationship is all about…growing and moving forward.

Surround yourself around people that are making moves, and doing what "they want and love" with their lives, positive energy…thats what life is all about…living. Because if you dont, misery loves company, they will only try to bring you down with them…but the question is, are you strong enough, to not let that happen?

Its hard to see if you let it get to that point…

…and then from all those answers you have to decide if that person is worthy of being a part of "your" life….because it is your life, your show…you decide who you want the characters to be…not the other way around. Every person is different, every person has their voice…can you recognize your voice, listen to it, and stick up for it??


much love…aad

UPDATE:  Well, well, well — look whose songs are #1 and #2 of downloaded songs at Amie Street